Bitteroot Fishing Report – 10/5

Rock Creek Fishing Report - 4/1


Mohoganies and baetis are working hard out there to make this another good fall in your fishing journal. So far, they’re succeeding! By and large you can get by fishing a variety of mayfly offerings in the size 14 to 22 range. Button emergers and Kingfisher cripples have seen very few refusals when the fish are up and looking. If you do encounter particularly snotty pods, CDC patterns seem to be convincing the ultra discerning. Prospecting blind with a baetis dry or nymph dropper off the back of your mahogany or caddis can be a good way to test the waters too. The streamer fishing on the lower river has become more consistent all the way down to the Clark Fork confluence. If you’re not getting bumped, switch it up, but black sculpzillas and aztec buggers have been go to for us lately.



HATCHES/Flies: Caddis, BWOs, Tricos, Baetis, PMDs, Hecubas, October caddis, Mahoganies A Review of the Winston Fly Rod For more info on the Winston Nexus Fly Rod