Bitteroot River Fishing Report – 3/12


*FWP will be shocking fish in stevi to florence on 3/14/16*

Oh yeah, happy happy! While the crowds seem to grow every year (it’s a long way from when we were guiding the ‘root in April and seeing NO other boats 20 years ago), the fish seem to be lining up to accommodate all the anglers. The dry fly fishing has been picking up everyday. Occasinal skwala popping along with march browns but the hatch is still not going off.You may have to put droppers on but the rewards will be great. Do not be surprised when three or four fish eat the dry! In typical fashion, sideways snow, wind or rain won’t keep the fish from looking up now that skwala muffins are on the menu. While drift fishing affords you LONG drifts of your fly and LOTS of water to shoot at, wading has its own advantages. Most boats will ignore the back channels and you can have them pretty much to yourself. We’ve been having VERY good wading on these backwaters lately. You can also time your fishing up and down from boat accesses to miss the launching and take-out times. If you’re drifting, don’t get in races with boats in front. Take your time, make space around you and fish less obvious water other miss. We’re seeing good numbers of nemouras, baetis and sedge caddis too. Lots of times, showing the fish a secondary hatch imitation behind a line of boats fishing skwalas is all it takes. Mix it up surface to streamers and hang on, the ‘root is wide awake.

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