Bitterroot Fishing Report – 9/16

Bitterroot Fishing Report - 4/3


Oh man,  the fishing is holding strong with the funky temp and weather differences as fall approaches.  Hoppers are still bouncing around in good numbers when the day warms up and the October caddis are just starting to make an appearance, just not in huge numbers yet.  The Fall Baetis can be expected in the mornings and evenings and hopper dropper rigs mid day.  Wade fisherman should expect excellent access as the river reaches fall levels and the channels become easier to cross.

Weekend Fishing Tunes: Ira Wolf, Fickle Heart

The Montana-turned-Nashville singer/songwriter just released her debut album on the 4th. She’s a friend and wonderful artist. Find her music here:



HATCHES/Flies: Hecubas, Tricos, PMDs, caddis, hoppers. Dark, heavy nymphs for subsurface. JJ’s specials, articulated streamers, bead-head woolly buggers.

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