Bitterroot Fishing Report – 9/23



“O awful crime! O deed without a name! Beggaring wonder! Impious! Intolerable! Where are now the laws ‘twixt guest and host? Accursed monster!”

We might only see a few more of those as Hecuba begins her tragic exit, but for now, your 10-14 purple haze and parachute adams will catch fish. BWOs are buzzing about, along with caddis, mahoganies, and PMDs. Buddy, they’ll still eat the hopper too, don’t forget that.

Weekend Fishing Tunes: Blueprint, 1988

My first rap show ever was on the tour for this album in Austin, TX at the legendary Emo’s (R.I.P.). Blueprint is the hardest-working MC in the business, underground or otherwise. Find this classic on iTunes.



HATCHES/Flies: Hecubas, Tricos, PMDs, caddis, hoppers, BWOs. Dark, heavy nymphs for subsurface. JJ’s specials, articulated streamers, bead-head woolly buggers.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Kingfisher ~ the largest dealer of Simms Fishing Products in the Rocky Mountain West! A Review of the Winston Fly Rod For more info on the Winston Nexus Fly Rod