Blackfoot Fishing Report – 3/14


The Blackfoot is slowly rising and is currently at 800 cfs. Clarity is good and water temperature
has been getting as high as 45 degrees. Fish are moving out of their winter holding water and 
looking up to eat. In the morning start with a tandem nymph rig to get the first fish in the boat. 
For nymphing use double bead stones, san juans, amber princes, pearl green lightning bugs, and zebra
midges. During the heat of the day put on a dry-dropper rig or swing streamers. For dries use royal
chubbies, fatboys, flush floaters, and midge clusters. For streamers use flash frys, sparkle minnows, 
haymaker sculpin, and mo betta minnows. Bring a coat, weather looks nasty.

HATCHES: Midges, March Browns, Skwalas,


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