Blackfoot Fishing Report – 8/17


Hoot owl restrictions are now lifted

The Blackfoot has displayed some really stellar fishing through the variable weather. Mornings have been substantially better than the afternoons with this recent heat wave. Spruce moths and hoppers have been great, and dropping nymphs off either of those two is good. For dries use big elk hair caddis, spruce moth patterns, hoppers, Chernobyls, Stimulators, Rogue stones, half downs, bullet heads, parachute adams, and purple hazes. For nymphs use Pat’s rubber legs, princes, double beaded stones, micro stones, San Juan worms and batman nymphs. For streamers use big dark double bunnies, sculpzillas, mouthwashes, standard buggers, sparkle minnows and dark articulated patterns.


HATCHES: spruce moths, golden stones, PMDs, caddis, hoppers

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You know we’ll refill your Kingfisher-label gink bottles for a buck, don’tcha?

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