Clark Fork Fishing Report – 8/19


**Hoot Owl Restrictions are in play from Warm Springs till the mouth of Rock Creek**

The most recent storm has dirtied up the river pretty bad, but should clear up within a day or two.The dryfly action is getting started a bit earlier now with the warmer nights, but it’s been very consistent once it does happen. Tricos early with the spinner fall around 8:30 or 9 will keep it interesting although many of the sippers will peel off to eat something different. For the most ardent trico eaters, small cripples or cdc imitations will get it done. A good search and destroy pattern over pods eating tricos is a larger royal Wulff in about a 12 or 14. Why? Who the hell knows, all we do know is that it has worked for about 40 years around here. Once the sun is up a bit, hoppers, hoppers, hoppers!! Purple is a good color on your hoppers and putting an ant or a spruce moth as your dropper is a good bet too.

HATCHES: caddis, hoppers, golden stones, tricos, pmds


Other Info: The Kingfisher is the largest dealer of Simms Fishing Products in the Rocky Mountains.

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