Clark Fork River Fishing Report – 3/12



The flow on the Clark Fork below town is right around 3150 cfs and holding steady.
The Clarity is still a little off but workable.  Streamers and nymphs are still
working best, with small prince nymphs, pheasant tails, San Juan worms, 
orange egg patters, double beaded stones and Pat's rubber legs.  As far as
streamers go, just getting something big and dark in their face seams to be the 
ticket.  Preferably in a black or dark-natural color.  The forcast high for 
today is going to be around 55 degrees.  This opens the window for a nice midge 
hatch mid-day.  If that happens, a size 16 or 18 parachute adams will be 
an excellent bet.

HATCHES: midges, capnias

FLIES: Small prince nymphs, bacon and egg combos (San Juans in tandem with an egg patter), Griffith’s gnats and zebra midges on sunny days, slow moving or jigged rabbit streamers in front of sighted pike.

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