Clark Fork River Fishing Report – 7/11

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With the unseasonably hot dry weather that we’ve been having, FWP has instituted hoot owl closures on the Blackfoot to protect the fish from over stressing. So starting at 2pm, anglers need to stop fishing and pull up their line for the day. The Clark Fork is getting low and very weedy for this time of year, but if it looks like it might be a partly cloudy day, the Clark Fork is where you want to be. It’s fishing pretty decent in general, but a little cloud cover can turn a good day to an awesome one in a flash. Attractor dries and dry/dropper rigs (PRINCE NYMPHS) are working really well, along with PMDs, caddis, and yellow sallies when the occasion calls. For dries, use elk hair and Goddard caddis’ in the evening, attractor patterns, golden rogues, chubby chernobyls for the morning and afternoon. For nymphs, use Pat’s rubber legs, micro stones, prince nymphs, double beaded stones, San Juan worms, caddis pupae, Pheasant tails and batman nymphs. For streamers, use big black and olive patterns fished tight to the banks.


Given the historically hot conditions, FWP has enacted the hoot owl fishing closures. Since the water temperatures on the rivers have been in the mid 70’s by mid afternoon, the survivability of the fish drops dramatically from the low oxygenated water and high stress levels. It’s mandatory but also in the best interest of the resource to stop around 2pm and give those little fishes a break. Thanks for your cooperation.


HATCHES: Golden Stones, PMDs, caddis, Yellow Sallies

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