Clark Fork River Fishing Report – 8/14




The Clark Fork River is still giving up some pretty good fish in the mornings and evenings.  Between the afternoon thunder storms and the heat, you can still find some pretty good fishing with a dry dopper rig or a streamer it’s just not gonna be the steady action you can expect in the mornings and evenings.  For dries, use elk hair and Goddard caddis’ in the evening, tricos, PMDs and PEDs, attractor patterns, golden rogues, chubby chernobyls for the morning and afternoon. For nymphs, use Pat’s rubber legs, micro stones, prince nymphs, double beaded stones, San Juan worms, caddis pupae, Pheasant tails and batman nymphs. For streamers, use big black and olive patterns fished tight to the banks and in deeper holes.

Weekend Fishing Tunes: Love of Everything, Superior Mold and Die

Bobby Burg’s one-man band was just here at the VFW last Wendesday. He put on a great show with his experimental, multi-layered indie/pop.


HATCHES: caddis, hoppers, golden stones, tricos, pmds

FLIES: Morris Hoppers, chubby chernobyls, caddis, Prince nymphs, bacon and egg combos (San Juan in tandem with an egg pattern), golden stones/nymphs, streamers.

Other Info: The Kingfisher is the largest dealer of Simms Fishing Products in the Rocky Mountains.

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