Clark Fork River Fishing Report – 8/16


The Clark Fork River saw a little flow bump from the rain that came with the front earlier this week. The moisture was very welcomed, and no doubt turned the fishing on. Hoppers (sans dropper) are taking big fish and lots of ’em, and the Tricos are there for those who like to punish themselves. For dries, use elk hair and Goddard caddis’ in the evening, tricos, PMDs and PEDs, attractor patterns, golden rogues, chubby chernobyls for the morning and afternoon. For nymphs, use Pat’s rubber legs, micro stones, prince nymphs, double beaded stones, San Juan worms, caddis pupae, Pheasant tails and batman nymphs. For streamers, use big black and olive patterns fished tight to the banks and in deeper holes.

Weekend Fishing Tunes: Death Cab For Cutie, Plans

With the announcement of Chris Walla’s departure, it seems appropriate to highlight one of Death Cab’s best albums. Find it anywhere that sells music.


HATCHES: caddis, hoppers, golden stones, tricos, pmds

FLIES: Morris Hoppers, chubby chernobyls, caddis, Prince nymphs, golden stones/nymphs, streamers.

Other Info: The Kingfisher is the largest dealer of Simms Fishing Products in the Rocky Mountains.

A Review of the Winston Fly Rod

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