New SAGE Rods For Fall 18


Sage has came out with a couple of new rods for the fall of 2018. The Foundation and the new Salt HD join the Sage Pulse, Mod, Method, The X, Motive, and The Little One to make one of the most advanced fly rod lineups we have ever seen.


The Sage Foundation is a fast action rod with a lot of power and control. A true rod that you can fish 365 days a year. From vacation time on Bonefish flats, frigid days nymphing for Great Lakes Steelhead, to hopper fishing in Montana The Foundation is versatile enough to do it all and at a very reasonable price.

“Equipped with a high-performance blank (Graphite IIIe), the FOUNDATION has a fast action providing excellent casting power and effortless control. It’s the very foundation of what defines a Sage rod – Performance – taking your game to another level. Whether you are a guide on the Madison or exploring your backyard waters, the FOUNDATION series delivers the signature Sage feel. For over 35 years we’ve built performance rods one at a time on Bainbridge Island, WA. The same 27 sets of skilled hands that craft all Sage rods construct the FOUNDATION.” – Sage


The Sage Salt HD is a fast action rod with a whole lot of back bone designed for picking up line and shooting it back out quickly. Matt Potter (one of the owners of the shop) grew up salt water fishing and described the new Sage Salt HD as ” the most impressive salt water rod he has ever cast “.


“In the world of saltwater fishing there is a lot of water out there and with that, a lot of fish species. From calm flats to open seas, the opportunities range dramatically. To put your best foot forward in high stakes fishing, you need a tool built for the exacting conditions of every unique fishery. The SALT HD lineup of rods are constructed differently – each with purpose. The fast-moving inhabitants of the salt require anglers to make quick shots and even quicker second shots. With the introduction of KonneticHD Technology, the SALT HD puts situational tools in hand to increase your odds of success. Allowing you to reach further, quicker, more delicately, and providing you with the power to make your angling dreams, lasting memories.” – Sage


Swing by the shop if you would like to buy or just give them a cast.