The Rivers of Missoula
Over 80% of our fishing is with dryflies
Montana has more miles of wild trout rivers than any other state in the lower 48 . . . by far! It's also true that the vast majority of these rivers just happen to be in the western part of the state. Now you know why it is that WE just happen to be in the western part of the state too!
Midway between Glacier National and Yellowstone Parks, in the heart of the Northern Rockies, Missoula is a trout fishing Mecca. Within one hours drive of town, there are 25 DIFFERENT full-day floats. From the subtle, technical and lazy waters of the Clark Fork River to the rapids of the fabled Big Blackfoot, this huge diversity of water ensures WAY less crowding than on many of the "discovered" waters so often associated with Montana. Add to the mix the world class Bitterroot River and the internationally renowned Rock Creek, and you have exceptionally consistent fishing from mid-March through mid-November. Just a hop, skip and a jump over the pass can put you on the Missouri River tailwater for a quick change of pace. Missoula has the reputation within the state of being the "banana belt" of Montana. This is because we have much milder winters than the majority of Montana, and a MUCH longer dryfly season than anywhere else in the country. Fish Missoula and see why it's the Crown Jewel of the Rockies!