Bitteroot Fishing Report – 8/19


Hoot Owl restrictions are now lifted

The river at Bell is running just under 300 cfs this morning which is down about 30 cfs from a few days ago.The latest storm dirtied up the river quite a bit but, should clear up in a day or two. Floating the middle river is NOT a great option these days although there is some good wade fishing if you pay close attention to water temps. Due to the cool nights, the lower river which has been topping out at about 70 + degrees every day is fishing the best early, while the upper reaches of the ‘root are cold and getting a bit later start on the dryfly action. The lower river is also the place to be for trico sippers if that’s your deal although by mid morning, they’ve been eating hoppers like idiots down here. The upper sections are a no-brainer for easier dryfly fishing on less glassy water but because of this, it has been seeing considerably more traffic. PMDs, hoppers, and caddis are all you’ll need up here.



HATCHES/Flies: Tricos, hoppers, golden stones, pmds, caddis

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