The Kingfisher is a fly fishing shop owned and run by two guides who are life long fly fishing fanatics. The store for us is a way to postpone and hopefully circumvent the economic reality of adulthood where people generally abandon their passions in search of an income.

Flyfishing is our passion, and has been the main focus of our lives since early childhood. From running a fishing camp in the Soviet far east and Alaska, to chasing New Zealand browns and Bahamas bonefish, our extremely broad spectrum of fishing experience is only a fraction of what the Kingfisher has to offer. We specialize in the best trout rivers in the lower 48, and have a combination of history in the area, a guide staff and equipment lines that stands alone in Western Montana.


After seeing the way our sport has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and been commercialized to death, the Kingfisher is still a store that is devoted to the catching end of fishing and not the fashion end of it. While many "flyshops" carry items such as fish embossed, left-handed, crocheted boosterwazzles in colors such as "periwinkle" and "sapphire", unless the boosterwazzle catches fish, you won't see it in our store. If you do see it, the colors are more likely to be "mud" or "stone". We assume you're coming to Montana for our world class fishing, not our fashion sense!

Fishing will always come first

In the end, it's all about having that great day on the river that we all have visions of and strive for. We've worked really hard on our end to help you in that pursuit. Whether you're on a guided trip with the Kingfisher, or just outfitting yourself at the store, you will be among people who have spent a lifetime appreciating what it is that you're after.

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