The Galvan Torque, Rush and Spoke Series Drag System

The drag system is easily changeable from left to right retrieve, the Torque and Rush reels also retain that smoothness of action and quiet click that Galvan has become known for, The incredibly smooth and powerful drag system further sets these reels apart, Composed of stainless steel, a self-lubricating Peek HPV bushing, and a drag surface made of a state-of-the-art, heat and wear resistant thermoplastic material unlike anything else on the reel market, Our new drag system will give flawless performance in any conditions on the planet.


Spool Release

In order to release the spool from the frame of the reel, simply grasp the outside rim of the spool with thumb and middle finger. While pressing on the quick-release button in the center of the spool with your index finger, lift the spool out away from the frame.

To reverse the process and replace the spool on the frame, grasp the spool in the same manner, depress the quick-release button and gently return the spool to the frame. Give the spool a small twist and it will drop into place with a slight click, then release the button.


Direction Reversal

The retrieve direction of the reel is changed by first removing the spool from the frame. You then grasp the pawl (see figure) and gently pull it and the pawl spring out. Insert the pawl back into it's original slot with the arm pointing towards your desired direction, R right or L left. Trying not to bend out the pawl spring, gently place it back around the left right disc and pawl slots.


Color Availability

Galvan Rush Reels are available in Black, Green and Clear. The Torque Large Arbor Reels are available in Bronze, Black, Green and Clear finishes. Spoke Reels are available in Green, Blue and Clear.



There is no need to lubricate the Torque & Rush Series reels, The bushing in the spools is self-lubricating.


Maintenance and Cleaning

We recommend that you that you clean your reel every time after exposure to salt or alkali environments. To clean your reel, first loosen the drag all the way counterclockwise to the lowest setting and remove spool from frame. Soak both in fresh warm water. After soaking, rinse both spool & frame thoroughly making sure the drag area gets a little extra attention. Inspect the pawl area on the frame and the gear area on the spool for dirt, grit, or build up. If found rinse a little more aggressively. Let the spool and frame air dry before replacing the spool back onto the frame and storing.


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