Rising Double Holster with File & Leash

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Practical, durable, and lightweight way to carry your lippa4life and any other pair of pliers. The holster had two pockets, one for the Lippa4Life and the outermost for any other pair pliers, a horizontal pocket sewn between the fabric to hold the diamond file, belt loop and metal belt clip, and 10" coil leash that can extend 6 feet. We use ours in Utah on the rivers in the summer when we are just wet wading in our shorts and wading boots picking off rising Trout. Other anglers wear them stalking the flats for Bonefish, Redfish, or Carp. While still others wear them on their boats as they chase Blues, Stripers, and Permit. Basically if you're using the Lippa4Life and don't have it in a pack this is the system.By changing the design of the outermost pocket on the double pocket holster, we made it easier to carry long pliers - even 12" long. This was an improvement over our first version which had vertical openings on both pockets which would allow long pliers to pop up when you sat down. As you see in the images below, the pliers are on an angle.

Rising Double Holster with File & Leash.

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Rising Double Holster with File & Leash
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