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The Kingfisher provides premier line options from RIO and Trouthunter. From trout streams to tarpon flats, we’ve got you covered. After 20 years in the fly shop business, we have found that RIO and Trouthunter offer the absolute best fly line and leaders you can buy. We offer a broad range of fly line, fly fishing tippet, and fly fishing leaders for numerous fish species. Some of the items we carry in stock are RIO Intouch Gold, RIO Intouch Perception, RIO Intouch Grand, RIO Intouch Trout LT, RIO Intouch Sink Tip, RIO Intouch Outbound Short, RIO Intouch Single Handed Spey, RIO Intouch Salmon/Steelhead, TroutHunter Big Game Fluorocarbon Leader, TroutHunter Rene Harrop Leader, TroutHunter Finesse Series Leader, RIO Powerflex Plus Fly Fishing Tippet, RIO Trout Versileader, TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet, and many more.

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