We at The Kingfisher carry a broad selection of fly tying materials from Hareline, Whiting, Loon Outdoors, and Solarez. Working closely with these companies we are able to stay on the cutting edge of fly tying materials. The Kingfisher has a large stock of UV fly tying materials, Veevus fly tying thread, jig head hooks, fly tying rattles, articulated shanks, Fish Skull heads, Solarez epoxy, and foam body cutters to take your flies to the next level. We also carry a variety of fly tying dubbing blends including fly tying Ice dub, Senyo’s Fusion Dub, Dave Whitlock SLF dubbing, and a large array of Hairline fly tying dubbing. If fly tying feathers are what you’re looking for then look no further. We carry quality capes, hackles, and barred schlappen in a variety of colors from Whiting Farms. We also carry an extensive inventory of turkey and goose biots, wood duck feathers, CDC feathers, marabou feathers, and many more quality materials in many colors.

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