Hair is such a necessity for fly tying that it’s hard to find a pattern that doesn’t include hair in some way, shape, or form. Working close with Hairline we are able to bring in and stock lots of types and variations of fly tying hair. All of our fly tying hair is of the highest quality you can find. We have a good stock of Bleached Elk hair, Calf Body hair, Calf Tail, Moose Body hair, Moose Mane, Deer Belly hair, Comparadun hair, Large Northern Bucktail, Rams Wool, Dyed Deer Body hair, Arctic Fox Zonker Strips, and many more. Also, we keep in stock a large quantity of Magnum Rabbit Strips, Micro Rabbit Strips, Cross Cut Rabbit Strips, Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips, Two-Toned Rabbit Strips, Frostip Rabbit Strips, in a multitude of color combinations.

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