A the Kingfisher we have companies that are just a pleasure to deal with, everything from thier customer service to their accounting department is just top notch Galvan is one of those companies.  Any time you call you are likely to get one of the family members and they are just a joy to deal with.  As a result we fish a lot of Galvan reels, on everything from mountian top brookies to Blue fin off Montauk, we have never had one fail.


At Galvan, our fly reels aren't just the result of 20 years of dedicated design and innovation, they're part of an ongoing tradition. A tradition of family-run, American-made, and time-honored craftsmanship that's built into every reel we make. The industry has changed a lot in our time, but it's what hasn't changed that makes us who we are.

Founded by Bonifacio Galvan on the belief that superior quality and value should coincide, the first Galvan reelsmadeusa were made to last a lifetime. Two decades and countless reels later, that vision remains unchanged. Today, all Galvan fly reels are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA. And it's all done by the Galvan Family.


It's this pride in the manufacturing process and passion for the sport that have earned us a reputation for excellence. Every Galvan fly reel is a testament to innovation and uncompromising craftsmanship, pairing the latest materials with a lasting commitment to quality. In an industry where technology often overshadows tradition, we believe you need a bit of both to succeed.

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