From its headwaters on the west side of the Rocky Mountain Front and Bob Marshall Wilderness, to the confluence with the Clark Fork River just east of Missoula, the Blackfoot River is one of our favorite rivers. From the thunderous, springtime, mid-river rapids that attract the whitewater crowd, to quiet, crystal clear pockets where willing West Slope cutthroat trout will rise 10 feet to eat a size 10 Turck's Tarantula, the Blackfoot is a combination of awe inspiring scenery, water diversity, wildlife and fishing which remains unparalleled. Running crystal clear before and after runoff, (which usually takes place in June), the Blackfoot is home to one of the largest populations of bull trout in the U.S. This speaks highly of the fishery as a whole since bull trout are one of the most pollution sensitive freshwater fish. Big rainbows and very large browns add to the species diversity of this river. We grew up fishing on this river and have been guiding on it for over 17 years. In the last 10 years, not only has this river gotten much better as a fishery, it has truly become world class!

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