Hand Net

Fly fishing hand nets have come a long way the past few years. They now come in all shapes and sizes with a rubber net bag. All of the fly fishing hand nets we carry have a lifetime warranty. Some of the fly fishing hand nets we have in stock are Fishpond Nomad Native Net, Fishpond Nomad Hand Net, Brodin Stealth Carbon Fibre Net, Brodin Ghost Gallatin Net, Brodin Ghost Frying Pan Net, Brodin Canoe Ghost Net, Brodin Ghost Firehole Net, Brodin Trout Ghost Net, Brodin Coho Ghost Net, Brodin Ghost Per Marquette Net, Brodin Ghost Frying Pan Float Tube Net, Brodin Ghost Cutthroat Net, Brodin Streambase Cutthroat Net, Brodin Streambase Gallatin Net, Brodin Streambase Trout Net, and Rising Fly Fishing Brookie 10” Handle.
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