Fly Line

Fly line: Working closely with RIO and Trouthunter we are able to keep a deep stock of fly fishing line. We have RIO freshwater fly line, RIO warm water saltwater fly line, RIO cold water saltwater fly line, and RIO spey fly lines. We also offer leaders and tippet from RIO and Trouthunter. We offer RIO freshwater leaders, RIO freshwater tippet, RIO saltwater leaders, RIO saltwater tippet, RIO sinking leaders, Trouthunter leaders, and Trouthunter tippet. Here at The Kingfisher we offer top of the line, cutting edge fly line from RIO. Some of the lines we offer are RIO Intouch Gold, RIO Intouch Perception, RIO Intouch Grand, RIO Intouch Trout LT, RIO Intouch Sink Tip, RIO Intouch Outbound Short, RIO Intouch Single Handed Spey, RIO Intouch Salmon/Steelhead and many more.
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