The Kingfisher also carries an impressive inventory of synthetic fly tying materials. There is no better way to add flash, buoyancy, and movement to your fly. Synthetic fly tying material is also a great substitute for natural fiber that can be difficult to work with. Here at The Kingfisher we stay on top of getting in the latest and greatest synthetic fly tying materials on the market. With products like Craft Fur, Fish Hair, Furry foam, Flashabou, High Vis. Post material, synthetic quill bodies, and Ice Wing Fiber you can create more effective flies than ever before. We carry Krystal Flash, Flashabou, Ice Wing Fiber, Ice Dub, Holographic Tinsel, Mylar Tinsel, UV Polar Chenille, Krystal Flash Chenille, Diamond Braid, and Cactus Chenille which all can be used to add some flash to your favorite fly pattern.

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