Dubbing Twisters

Fly tying dubbing brushes are pretty handy little tools. Fly tying dubbing brushes are great for removing the soft and lofty under hair from natural furs before stacking. Fly tying spinners are great for making dubbing loops and synthetic brushes. No steelhead fly tier should be without one. Some of the fly tying dubbing brushes we keep in stock are Renzetti Dubbing Teaser, Loon Outdoors Ergo Dubbing Brush, Griffin Dubbing Teaser, Stonfo Rotodubbing Split Dubbing Twister, Stonfo Turbo Spinner, Griffin Dubbing Twister, Stonfo Comb & Brush Tool, Loon Outdoors Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner, Dr. Slick Dubbing Brush & Comb, and many more.
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